Sport plays an integral role in the development of 榴莲视频下载app students fostering a spirit of fairness and team building, along with the opportunity to develop individual potential and to strive for excellence.

Sport and

The sporting program at 榴莲视频下载app is an important component of our students education and is essential to their holistic formation. It has been developed to allow students to participate in a variety of sports and is aimed at accommodating each students鈥 interests and talents. The program encourages our students to cooperate with others and to learn how to contribute to a team and support each other.

榴莲视频下载app recognises the importance of physical wellbeing and this starts at School – ensuring that sport, health and fitness are fundamentals of each student鈥檚 lifestyle from a young age. 榴莲视频下载app students can select from a wide range of summer and winter sports with both representative and non-representative opportunities as well as extra-curricular sports programmes

Personal Development
Through Sport

A wide choice of sport forms part of every student鈥檚 training and education at 榴莲视频下载app. This element of the school鈥檚 teaching develops team spirit along with the ability to meet individual challenges while fostering self-discipline, courage, physical skill and confidence.

A Wide Choice of Sports

An extensive range of sports is offered to 榴莲视频下载app students based on their age. These include: Basketball, Rowing, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football, Water Polo, AFL, Athletics, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby Union, Snowsports and Gymnastics. Follow the below link for more information on our annual Snowsports competition the 榴莲视频下载app Cup.

Strong Participation

Students are graded into appropriate teams and fitness and skill training sessions are held twice a week. Participation is mandatory in representative sport for Years 5 through 12. Team coaches come from a variety of backgrounds including teachers, senior students, professionals and ex-students. All specialise in their sport.

Competitive Opportunity

榴莲视频下载app is a member of the ISA (Independent Sporting Association) enabling challenging competition for Years 7-12. The ISA offers students representative opportunities to compete against major school associations in NSW. From these associations students are selected for the New South Wales Combined Independent Schools (NSWCIS) representative teams to compete against Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC) and Combined High Schools (CHS). The ISA provides students the opportunity to represent New South Wales and Australia through this and other pathways.

Junior:聽Years 3-6 compete within the IPSHA Saturday Sports Competition and the NSNA Northern Suburbs Netball Association Competition. From IPSHA, students can go on to represent the school at the following interschool and state competitions: HICES 鈥 CIS – PSSA.