Winter School

Winter School is a nine-week residential program based at the 榴莲视频下载app High Country Campus, in Jindabyne. It operates during Term 3 and is open to students in Year 10.

The residential program provides the opportunity for interested students to combine academic study with snow sports training, experiencing Term 3 at the 榴莲视频下载app High Country Campus at Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales.

A Unique

With a combination of snowsports, academics and experiential learning, Winter School is designed to progressively enhance and build important life skills through living and working in a community. Winter School is a unique opportunity for students to take responsibility for themselves, gain an understanding of the needs of others within in a community and work towards social, academic and personal goals in a challenging and supportive residential environment.

For many students, it represents the first time that they will have spent a significant amount of time away from home. This can be an unexpectedly challenging environment for some, but this is part of the journey towards independence and the opportunity to grow socially and emotionally.


Academic and
On-Snow Program

Students will undertake on-snow training for a total of 11 hours per week at Thredbo. Instructors of appropriate standard and experience are selected by arrangement with Thredbo Ski and Snowboard School. They will also follow a full academic program of core and elective subjects, which includes the completion of all set homework, assignments and tests.

On-Snow Program

Winter School provides the opportunity for students to develop their skills in skiing and snowboarding with an intensive high quality training program. Students participate in a total of 11 hours of ski or snowboard training lessons from qualified instructors and race coaches. These lessons provide a comprehensive program of race and freestyle techniques development in small graded groups.

The program promotes physical and mental fitness in the context of skiing and snowboarding skills for all levels of ability. Many 榴莲视频下载app students progress to competition standard in snowboarding, alpine and freestyle skiing at school, state and international levels.

Academic Program

Students continue to follow their full academic courses through lessons, tutorials, study periods, assignments, tests and examinations five days a week. Winter School places the same emphasis on academic excellence that is expected at 榴莲视频下载app whilst providing further opportunity for students to be extended far beyond the classroom.

Residential Program

Students are housed in supervised single-sex dormitories where they learn to share and live effectively and harmoniously with others in an out-of-family context. The development of students鈥 respect, understanding and tolerance of a range of age groups is an essential component of Winter School.